Welcome message from Prof. Enrico Dalcanale

We are pleased to present our website. The aim is to offer to the public in general and to prospective graduate students/postdocs in particular, a birda��s eye view of the ongoing activity in our group. I hope this website will stimulate your interest in our research activity.
Enrico Dalcanale


Mission of the Dalcanale group

TheA�team interests are focused on the design and preparation of functional materials, using self-assembly and molecular recognition tools. Over the years the major themes have been: macrocyclic liquid crystals, self-assembled monolayers and LB films, metal-directed self-assembly of coordination cages, supramolecular sensors and adaptive polymers.


Featured papers

Nanoscale 2017

“Probing lysine mono-methylation in histone H3 tail peptides with an abiotic receptor coupled to a non-plasmonic resonator”


Chemistry of A�Materials 2017

“Strain field self-diagnostic PDMS elastomers”


CEJ 2018

“Environmental gas sensing with cavitands”


Adv. Funct. Mater. 2017

“Tuning of a vertical spin valve with a monolayer of single molecule magnets”



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Our ongoing projects

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