Welcome message from Prof. Enrico Dalcanale

We are pleased to present our new website. The aim is to offer to the public in general and to prospective graduate students/postdocs in particular, a bird’s eye view of the ongoing activity in our group. I hope this website will stimulate your interest in our research activity.
Enrico Dalcanale


Mission of the Supramolecular Sensors and Materials Group (SSMG)

SSMG team interests are focused on the design and preparation of functional materials, using the self-assembly approach. Over the years the major themes have been: macrocyclic liquid crystals, self-assembled monolayers and LB films, metal-directed self-assembly of coordination cages, supramolecular sensors and adaptive polymers.


Featured papers


Nanoscale 2013

Functionalization of PEGylated Fe3O4 magnetic
nanoparticles with tetraphosphonate cavitand for
biomedical application

Nanoscale 2013

Acc. Chem. Res. 2013

Supramolecular Sensing with Phosphonate Cavitands


JACS 2012

Cavitand-Functionalized SWCNTs for N-Methylammonium Detection


PNAS 2012

Exclusive recognition of sarcosine in water and urine by a cavitand-functionalized silicon surface


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