Ai??Supramolecular Nanoparticle Systems for Specific Multiple Labelling of Protein Surfaces (SUPRANANO)

This project ended on December 31 2015

Tools to mediate protein interactions are intensively investigated for a number ofAi?? applications, including biosensors and bioassays. Supramolecular-nanoparticle systems that recognize protein surfaces could be a real breakthrough for sensing and modifying these interactions. This project is based on a synergistic combination of supramolecular ligands and plasmonic nanoparticles that can result in specific and ultrasensitive multiple labelling of protein surfaces. In particular, the experimental activity will be focused on developing new hybrid receptors for targeting the cationic side chains of lysine residues and differentiate between methylated and non methylated forms. The overall project aims to reach three main goals:

Ai??1) Demonstrating specific multiple labeling of protein surfaces through proof-of-concept experiments based on supramolecular-nanoparticle systems (SUPRANANO assays).

Ai??2) Set the basis for transferring SUPRANANO assays from solution to surfaces, in view of fabricating reliable solid state devices.

Ai??3) Training highly skilled young scientists, who are expected to carry out their research activity in different INSTM and international laboratories and mature integrated interdisciplinary competencies.